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Where Compassion Meets Car Care

Long Arm Mechanics is an automotive repair shop dedicated to Complete Customer and Car Care. We actively support our community through the Green Light Outreach Program, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We donate numerous hours of shop time to assist community members because we believe everyone should have safe, reliable vehicles for work or school transportation. Our commitment is to provide excellent service and work, regardless of financial circumstances.

The Green Light Outreach program acts as a vital social safety net by ensuring at-risk community members have access to safe and reliable vehicles. By offering reduced labor costs on automotive repairs (performed by Long Arm Mechanics), we empower these families to maintain stable employment, keep their families together, and prevent temporary or long-term homelessness.

Every customer at Long Arm Mechanics receives:

Free Digital Vehicle Health Report

Our Complimentary Digital Vehicle Health Report (DVI) provides clarity regarding your vehicles current condition, separate from any concerns you may have.

Digital Estimates & Approval

Feel empowered and take control with our Digital Estimate and Approval Process. No repairs are performed until you’ve reviewed the estimate and have sent approval.

Nationwide Warranty Drive with confidence knowing our repairs are backed by a 24 month/24,000 miles nationwide warranty (whichever comes first).

How Green Light Outreach Works

Green Light Outreach (GLO) clients are referred to Long Arm Mechanics through one of our community partners. Clients must be referred through an agency to qualify for the program. Long Arm Mechanics does not handle inquiries or provide program assistance without a referral.
Green Light Outreach clients will receive discounted, and possibly even free, labor on approved repairs and services. The client is responsible for the cost of all parts, sublets, fees, and taxes. Free labor is based on a case-by-case situation and is up to the discretion of the Green Light Outreach Program/Long Arm Mechanics.

Green Light Outreach (GLO) clients are scheduled once a referral has been received from one of our partnering agencies. Due to scheduling, Long Arm Mechanics is only able to accommodate one (1) GLO client per week.
This can cause appointments to be scheduled 2-3 months out from the date of initial call.

Green Light Outreach referrals are only good for one (1) vehicle per client. If the vehicle is deemed unrepairable upon initial inspection, a different vehicle can be substituted and covered under the GLO program (conditions apply). Future services can be performed, but may not be covered under the GLO program.

If a client changes vehicles prior to their first appointment, they can obtain a new referral listing the new vehicle and symptoms and be considered for the program.

The Process


Client Referral

The case worker from one of our referring agencies will send Long Arm Mechanics the referral form with a detailed description of the vehicle concerns and symptoms. Long Arm Mechanics will contact the client to schedule the initial Testing & Diagnosing appointment. The initial appointment may be scheduled 2-3 months out as Long Arm Mechanics is only able to accommodate one (1) client per week.


Drop Off

On the day of the scheduled initial appointment, it is best to drop off the vehicle as it can take 3+ hours to perform a full Digital Vehicle Inspection, as well as Test & Diagnose the clients concerns.
Long Arm Mechanics offers a secure after hours key-drop if the client needs to leave the vehicle the night prior to their appointment.


Testing & Inspecting

One of Long Arm Mechanics’ expert technicians will perform a Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI), as well as, test and diagnose any of the primary concerns with the vehicle that are safety and reliability related.
The client will receive a copy of the DVI which will contain the technicians notes, photos, and videos. Our digital process will leave the client feeling educated, informed, and comfortable with everything we’ve recommended.


Estimate & Approval

Along with our DVI, the client receives a digital estimate which breaks down the labor and parts based on the recommendations. The estimate will reflect only the amount the client has to pay. A Long Arm Mechanics service advisor will review the estimate with the client and answer any questions. Once the service advisor is advised of which services the client would like performed, parts will be ordered. A follow-up appointment may be needed to perform work.



Once Long Arm Mechanics has received all the ordered parts, they will reach out to schedule the service appointment (if one was not setup already).
The service appointment may vary based on the amount of services approved.


Pickup & Pay

Once the repairs are complete, the vehicle is ready for pickup! If the client is unable to pickup the vehicle during Long Arm Mechanics’ business hours, they can coordinate after hours pickup and the service advisor will send a link to pay ahead.

Our Impact


Since 2018, we’ve proudly helped over 160 families and have donated over $60,000 in labor costs.

100% of the funds donated to the GLO program go directly towards providing reduced or labor-free automotive repairs. All repairs performed are safety and reliability-related, and all families referred to the Green Light Outreach program come from established relationships with local non-profits and their caseworkers.

If you are need of services or know someone who could benefit from our program, please contact a referring organization to get started.

Community Partnerships